This year it was finally time again - after the "you-know-what" break, we went away together again:

From Thursday 11 to Saturday 13 May, we were allowed to visit the Vatican and ask for help from above - after that, the sights of the eternal city were no longer safe from us!

2018 - Schottland | © Privat



At that time we were intensively on the road from 5 to 08 July 2018 to survey the Scottish capital and the surrounding area

2015 - Berlin | © Privat



From 6 to 08 August 2015 we were on the road day and night to explore the capital of Germany.

2013 - Helsinki, Tallinn | © Privat




"Successfully through the times with our employees"

The past 60 years have been turbulent, especially from an economic point of view. The surveying office Hochmair & Partner ZT GmbH in Zell am See has survived these times well - and is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year.

The recipe for success?  "It is above all our employees," says Bernhard Rosa, Managing Partner of Hochmair & Partner ZT-GmbH. "Very many of those who completed their apprenticeship first with Huber, then with Heiner Hochmair and now with us, also retired or are retiring with us. We try to ensure that younger employees are always with older ones and thus learn from them, whether internally or externally at our customers. So we pass on the knowledge and skills from one generation of surveyors to the next, and when someone retires, their successor immediately takes their place."

Tradition therefore has a high priority at Hochmair & Partner. "Nevertheless, I feel obliged to keep my finger on the pulse of time - the latest equipment and software developments are therefore always a topic with us," says Rosa. However, making the best use of these tools also means additional effort and eternal learning - openness to new things is thus another of the company's principles. And because one anniversary is not enough, two employees also have reason to celebrate: Gerhard Koch and Hans Zehentner have now been with the company for 40 years and since their apprenticeship. "Less pleasing for us is that Ing. Uli Ebner, who was the company's first apprentice in 1953, recently passed away unexpectedly at the age of 73."


Company size creates advantage

Good staff loyalty creates even better customer loyalty - at Hochmair & Partner they have always worked according to this guiding principle: "Every region has its contact person, and this creates the perfect basis for long-term cooperation," says Rosa.

The unusual size of the company - compared to competitors in the region - with a total of 14 people also creates flexibility and competitive advantages: "If a customer needs something at short notice or if it has to be done quickly - as is simply common today - we can react accordingly thanks to our company size. This also makes us a proven partner for the construction industry, the public sector and, of course, private customers," says Rosa.

Another of the company's important assets is located in the basement at Hochmair & Partner: the archive. 30,000 files from 1951 onwards form an important fund that the employees fall back on again and again. "Our archive is a great asset because we can very quickly access information that dates back years - this creates a knowledge edge and thus advantages for our clients."

Many small and larger building blocks have made the company what it is today: consistent, well-known, successful. "And it should stay that way - the future can come," says Rosa.