In the field of engineering surveying, our company serves both "the big ones" (e.g. Cable cars oder Hotels)  in design and construction surveying as well as the so-called "small house builders". The larger companies or industrial plants, which are constantly subject to construction measures due to technical progress, are looked after throughout the entire life cycle technically on site and digitally in the office through data storeing, data processing, (our archive now comprises almost 30,000 files!) and with information as well as help on all aspects of surveying:

  • Location and elevation plans

  • Terrain sections, longitudinal and transverse profiles

  • Area and mass calculations

  • As-built surveys of buildings (interior and exterior)

  • Calculation and staking of complex plants and projects

  • Control measurement, axle check and axle alignment

  • Fixed point and construction site networks

  • Construction supervision and preservation of evidence

  • Observation of landslides, quarries ,glaciers, etc.

  • Deformation and settlement measurements

  • Measurement and survey of fixtures and pipeline routes

  • Planning, observation and evaluation of triangulation networks, GPS networks

  • Control point determinations for laser scanning images

  • and many new tasks that we face every day ...