Companies in our area, especially hotels and innkeepers, but also companies such as Hagleitner Hygiene, Senoplast, Rieder, PinzgauMilch or many others, but also more distant ones such as Kaindl (Salzburg), Melzer&Hopfner (Bregenz), ZenoTrack (Vienna) rely on us to collect and manage data and to cooperate with other companies.

Be it with architects and planners in the planning phase, with construction companies in the execution and authorities before, during and after the construction period. We strive to be a competent partner for the economy.

Here, too, we provide our knowledge and expertise:

  • Data collection, data storage in the office - Information retrieval

  • Inventory plans for planning and constru

  • Overview plans - facility management

  • Servitude plans

  • Preparation of deeds for property division

  • Boundary marking, boundary determination, boundary negotiation

  • Project staking, calculations

We work intensively with lawyers and notaries, exchange data in an uncomplicated manner (BAIK archive) and deliver the results you need quickly and competently.